Coupon Code Help

Learn how to save with Coupons, Deals & Promotions. Read and follow the steps bellow and learn how to be sure you are saving when shopping online.
Also if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

What is a coupon code?

A Coupon Code is a special series of letters and/or numbers which specify a promotion or discount for a certain online retailer. Whereas in a store, a 'printed coupon' is redeamed by cutting out the coupon and handing it to the cashier at the time of checkout, Online Coupons are typically redeamed by typing in the corresponding Coupon Code at checkout time.

What do I do with my coupon code?

When a Coupon Code is specified for the offer you are interested in, you should first write this code down, as you will be needing it later.

Continue to the retailer's website by clicking on the offer you'd like to apply to your order. Shop around the retailer's website, purchasing items as you normally would. Once you're done shopping and are ready to pay, typically you must click a link which states something similar to 'Proceed to Checkout' or 'View my Shopping Cart'. On this final checkout page, look for a text-entry area which says 'Promotional Code', 'Coupon Code', etc. There you will enter in the Coupon Code which you have written down.

Update your order information, and review the final "confirmation" page. Here, verify that your savings have been applied to your order. If everything looks good, finalize your transaction.

How do I verify my savings?

Once a Coupon Code has been entered in for your order, you should ALWAYS verify the savings before you finalize your transaction. For many sites, there is a final "confirmation" page which displays your order details before it is completed. Your discounts should show up here.

If your offer is a 10% discount, verify that this money is taken off. If your offer is 'Free Shipping' verify that there are no shipping charges attached to your order.

Why do certain deals not have a coupon code?

Many retailers offer special promotions and discounts, but do not require a coupon code for activation. Instead, these "Coupons" are activated simply by clicking through the link on the All-Coupon-Codes website. In this case, it is important that you click on the exact offer you want, continue shopping at the retailer's website, and finalize your order in one session. If you close your web-browser, or leave your computer for an extended time period, you risk losing the Coupon which you activated through the website. If this does happen, you should start the process over by going back to, and again clicking on the offer you are interested in.

How come my coupon code doesn't work?

If you have followed all the appropriate steps in applying your coupon code, and you cannot see the savings at checkout, contact us and describe the problem you are having. Otherwise, first verify with the retailer's website that you are meeting all the terms and conditions of this offer, including expiration date, minimum-order size, etc. Also, we try our best to keep all of our coupons and links current, but occasionally there will be offers on our website which are broken or no longer valid. If you feel you have come across one of these offers, please let us know so that we may fix the problem.

We'd be happy to direct you to the latest offers for the retailer you're interested in.